This bracelet achieves dimensional impact by stacking and then joining three separate braids together. The top braid with the iridescent teardrops sits snugly between the outer braids giving the effect of one seamless unit. Featured in 2016 Kumihimo Fiber & Bead Jewelry Magazine.

The highlight of this bracelet are the Czech glass Silver iridescent rainbow teardrops.
Materials needed to complete project:

  • 26 grams 8º round beads (Japanese Toho or Miyuki recommended)
  • 1 strand (100 beads) Czech 6x4mm tear drop beads
  • 35 CzechMate 2-hole Lentils
  • S-Lon or C-Lon Bead Cord Tex 210 (#18)
  • 1 gram 118º round beads (Japanese Toho or Miyuki recommended)
  • 5 feet of Fireline 6 lb.
  • Triple tube clasp magnetic (available at

Additional Supplies needed to complete project:

  • Marudai, 8 Tama, & Counterweight – or- Kumihimo disk & 8 bobbins
  • Beading needle or big-eye needle
  • FrayCheck, Gum Arabic or similar product (for stiffening cord ends)
  • 2-part epoxy glue

Technique:  Kumihimo Beaded Braid

Skills:  Proficiency with 2-Drop Kongoh and bead counting

Level of Experience:  Advanced Beginner to Intermediate