Triple Tube – Silvertone


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This magnetic clasp was used for the Over the Rainbow Bracelet project in the June issue of Bead & Button Magazine. It is made from zinc, and is free of lead, nickel, and cadmium. Hypoallergenic.

Only cord ends need to be inserted into clasp, not beads. This clasp works well with three braids made with size 11º or 8º seed beads. The security prongs make this clasp very secure, a slight twist is required to open the clasp.

The only glue I recommend for attaching clasps to beaded and fiber braids is 2 part epoxy glue as it is the only glue to forms a secure, permanent bond. Step-by-Step instructions for using 2-Part Epoxy are on my blog

Dimensions:  L 25.5mm, W 22mm, H 7.5mm
Hole Size:  5mm
Color:  Antique Silver

Origin: European Union

Made in China

Out of stock


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