Three gread Beadalon products: Beadalon Spin-N-Bead Junior spinner, 2 Quick Change Trays & 2 Bead Spinner big-eye needles

1.  Beadalon Spin-N-Bead Junior. This solid wood bead spinner features a small bowl, which requires less beads.
2.  2 Quick Change Trays. I invented these trays to make stringing beads faster than ever. Work with very small quantity of beads. Quickly change bead colors as you are working without emptying and refilling the bowl as you go.
3. 2 Big Eye Bead Spinner Needles. These are my ‘go to’ bead spinner needles. They are very thin which makes them great for smaller beads, they work easily with most 11º and 15º round seed beads.