Kumihimo Wednesdays with Adrienne

Wednesday evenings at 7pm ET I will be hosting a Zoom meeting to share kumihimo tricks and tips. Topics have been: How to handle Japanese pre-cut fibers Over the Rainbow Bracelet instructions with a bonus Caterpillar Bracelet pattern Maureen Shankey Studio Tour & Jewelry Sale Melange des Perles instructions with

Braiding Around a Core

Reprint from Bead & Button Magazine, April 2017 Kumi Q & A by Adrienne Gaskell Q: I’ve been hearing a lot about using a soft core inside of a beaded braid but I’m unclear — why use a core and how does it work? A: Cores are most often used

Melange des Perles Necklace

Featured in Beadwork Magazine December 2015, this pattern continues to be very popular. Nearly 1,000 kits have been sold and many designers have created their own color ways. The directions have been revised since the article in order to simplify stringing the beads for this project.  Take note that this

Online Kumihimo Course Offered

Off-Balance Kongoh Gumi by Adrienne Gaskell Introductory Offer - Just $39 - Class size is limited Kongoh Gumi (Round Braid) is often the first braid students learn. This 12 tama adaptation of the braid creates a wonderful curly spiral. Adrienne’s variation incorporates sparkly bling along the ridge, perfect for fun

Origin Story – Gaskell & Shankey Jewelry

Once upon a time there were two jewelers - Maureen Shankey and Adrienne Gaskell.  They met nearly 20 years ago when Adrienne was stalking Maureen at a local art show - of course it was at an art show!  Maureen was the brainy professor with all the degrees, an MFA

2-Part Epoxy – How to Securely Glue on Clasps

2-part epoxy is the only glue that makes a permanent bond and it is the only glue that I recommend for all glue on clasps. Epoxy forms a secure bond between the clasp and the braid even when there is a small amount of empty space in the clasp end.

Kumihimo Supplies, Kits & Inspiration

I have been searching the globe for quality products that every braider should have in their toolbox. Some of my favorites include: Cord Zap – New from Beadsmith, extra strong for heavier cords. The hottest Thread Zapper on the market! Cuts and cauterizes synthetic cords and threads.

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