I think of myself as fairly organized, even possibly a little O.C.D., and my amazingly small studio space, barely 10 x 12 feet, really makes it necessary to keep things neat.  But, wow, I’ve learned a lot from Pinterest about how to make the most out of the space you have.  I’ve also discovered that I am much more creative when my work space is clean and organized.  I realize not everyone agrees with this principle, but even some of my friends who practice “flung shui” admit that they are happier in a tidy work space.

So, recently while working through one of my creative blocks, I took some time to do a total reorganization of my studio.  My work space looked nothing like this pristine photo, which was staged for a local news station cameraman last year.  But, after days of boxing, cleaning, and getting rid of things I’ll never use again, this morning I walked into a calm and creative work space. By noon I had designs for five new necklaces for one of my favorite collectors.  Creative block gone!

This is where I make everything for my jewelry and this space also houses all of my supplies – and I boy do I have a LOT of stuff.  You can’t see the large ceiling to floor cabinet that is packed with pearls, beads, kits, and everything I use to make my braids.  Also hard to see is my bench with my torch, grinder, tumbler and all things needed for metal fabrication.

Enjoy the journey!