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TOHO Seed Bead Color Numbers

#46 – Opaque Oxblood/Dark Brown
#762 – Opaque Matte Ivory/Ivory Chalk Matte
#PF557 – PermaFinish – Galvanized Starlight/ Gold Galvanized PermaFinish
#PF557F – PermaFinish – Galvanized Matte Starlight/ Gold Galvanized Matte PermaFinish
#421 – Transparent Pink Gold Luster/Rose Gold Luster
#1201 – Marbled Opaque Beige-Pink/Mauve-Peach Marbled
#202 – Transparent Lilac Gold Luster/Amethyst Gold Luster
#1209 – Marbled Opaque Avocado/Pink/Avocado/Cranberry Marbled Opaque
#502 – Higher Metallic Amethyst/Plum Iris Higher Metallic
#703 – Matte Color Mauve Mocha/ Plum Iris Metallic Matte
#707 – Matte Color Iris Peridot/Green Iris Metallic Matte
#180 – Transparent Rainbow Olivine
#5002 Brown RE: glass beads made of recycled Brown glass

Starman Czech Beads: The beads shapes vary in each kit

P65491 – Luster-Opaque Rose/Gold Topaz 9011 – Garnet/Garnet AB/Garnet Matte
P15695 – Luster-Opaque Gold/Smoky Topaz K0171 – Matte Metallic Flax
K0189 – Matte Metallic Lava 21455 – Iris Green Metallic

79052 – Metallic Suede Dark Forest

Rules for Designers taking on the TOHO Challenge 2023 on your own:

● You are strongly encouraged to use at least some of each color in the 2023 palette to create one eye-catching piece.
● You are allowed to use more of the same colors of TOHO and Starman Czech beads in any size or shape you like, the names vary from store to store, but must be same stock numbers as on list.
● Toho seed beads should be the star of the show!
● No other seed beads or Czech beads not on list may be used!
● You can add one Focal item of your choice, such as one single pendant or cabochon. For example, a strand of stones (or any other beads not listed above) does not qualify as one item.
● You can use any clasp, findings, backing, threads, and fibers—but make sure they stay within the challenge color palette and are used sparingly so the beads are the star the show.
Things to consider when designing:
● Designs will get worldwide exposure. This is your chance to “wow” the world with your creativity. Photos of your designs will have a special posting on the TeamTOHO website and Facebook page.
● Some of the Feature designers are also chosen from participating people who take the challenge themselves, so send us photos of your finished challenge design by September 15th 2023, by messaging us on TeamTOHO Facebook page and email your photos to [email protected].
● Have Fun! Happy Beading

●  If you have any questions, please message the Team Toho Facebook page  or email Rochelle Peterson


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