Embellished Hira-Se Necklace Class


In this class students will learn two essential flat braids: Yatsu-se (8-strand) and Hira-se (12-strand). The reason for learning Yatsu-se is to reinforce the hand movements used in Hira-se which is a compound braid based on Yatsu-se with Hira-genji, the additional 4 warps that create the chevrons in the center of the braid. Each of these braid make beautiful necklaces. However, the project for this class focuses on one of Adrienne’s exclusive techniques of incorporating beads along in the center while braiding.

Prerequisites – Students should be proficient:
• Braiding with fiber on a disk or maru-dai
• Binding the end of a fiber braid and applying Fray Check
• Attaching a clasp with two part epoxy
Tutorials are available for these at Technique & Tips

Class includes:
• Zoom class recording with demonstrations and review of step by step instructions
• Video tutorial for braiding Embellished Hira-se on the marudai and how to unbraid to correct a mistake
• Tutorial for maximizing Japanese pre-cut fibers
• PDF Download of Yatsu-se instructions for disk and supply list
• PDF Download of Yatsu-se instructions for marudai and supply list
• PDF Download of Embellished Hira-se instructions and supply list
Lifetime access to all class materials


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