Flat 20mm – Acrylic Granite

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Attractive matte finish. These lightweight yet sturdy magnets offer a fresh new look for your jewelry designs! Great with kumihimo, bead crochet ropes, beadweaving, leather, and more.  This clasp is good for bracelets as it twists apart for easy release and the prongs give added security. Free of lead, nickel, cadmium. Hypoallergenic.

Length: 21mm
Width: 23mm
Height: 6mm
Hole: 20mm x 2mm
Origin: European Union

The only glue I recommend for attaching clasps to beaded and fiber braids is 2 part epoxy glue as it is the only glue to forms a secure, permanent bond. Step-by-Step instructions for using 2-Part Epoxy are on my blog

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