Hira-se Embellished Class


In this class students will learn how to add embellishments while braiding the 12-strand Hira-se Braid. This is one of Adrienne’s exclusive techniques.

Class includes lifetime access to:
• PDF downloadable instructions and supply list for Hira-se Embellished necklace.
• PDF downloadable instructions for Adreinne’s signature Yatsu-se necklace, both marudai or disk instructions. This is an easy 8-strand introductory braid, the foundation for the compound Hira-se braid.
• A lesson on how to fold Japanese Fibers so you don’t need to buy as much to make this project.
• How to ready a fiber braid for a clasp.
• Braiding tips for keeping this flat braid flexible so that it can be sculpted into a soft collar that lays flat around the neck, you want how to avoid making a ‘dog collar’ by mistake.
• Zoom recording from a live class session.

Not only is this a beautifully elegant necklace it is also very versatile as it can be embellished several different ways:
Option 1: One side of the braid can have one bead while the other side has something different such as crystals on the front and pearls on the back.
Option 2: Leave one side without embellishments for a necklace that can transition from everyday to evening wear.
Option 3: Alternate the beads on either or both sides of the braid.


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