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Toho Mini Challenge 2021 – Modern Traditions

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Rules for Mini Kit Participants:
● You are strongly encouraged to use at least some of each color in the 2021 palette to create one eye-catching piece.
● You are allowed to use more of the same TOHO and Starman Czech beads that we have provided in the kit. As many as you wish but they must be the exact color numbers on the list. Toho seed beads should be the star of the show!
● No other seed beads or Czech beads may be used!
● You can add one Focal item of your choice, such as one single pendant or cabochon. For example, a strand of stones (or any other beads not listed above) does not qualify as one item.
● You can use any clasp, findings, backing, threads, and fibers—but make sure they stay within the challenge color palette and are used sparingly.

Send photos of completed designs and submissions to [email protected] or message us on TeamTOHO’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TeamTOHO/, and we’ll post your design on our social media sites.

Please send us a photo by September 15, 2021 and we could possibly choose you for featured designer opportunities in the future. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Limited number of kits available, while supplies last.

Beads in Kit
TOHO Seed Bead Color Numbers
#46L Opaque Terra Cotta
#46LF Opaque-Frosted Terra Cotta
#47H Opaque Pine Green/Forest Green
#49 Opaque Jet
#49F Opaque-Frosted Jet
#51 Opaque Light Beige/Cream
#123D Opaque-Lustered Dark Beige/Butterscotch
#PF552 PermaFinish – Galvanized Sweet Blush/Pink
#764 Opaque-Pastel-Frosted Shrimp/Chalk Rose
#765 Opaque-Pastel-Frosted Plumeria/Chalk Dusty Rose
#1602 Opaque Peachy Pink Luster
#1607 Opaque Chartreuse Luster
#2600F Semi Glazed – Lemongrass/Prickly Pear
#2604F Semi Glazed – Turquoise
#2609F Semi Glazed – Marsala
#2634F Semi Glazed Rainbow – Turquoise
#2638F Semi Glazed Rainbow – Lavender/Purple Smoke

Starman Czech Glass Beads (kits contain different shapes of beads, four per kit)
Polychrome Pink Olive (4)
Pacifica Avocado (PS1005)
Medium Topaz (1006)
Umber (13610/13600
Pacifica Fig (PS1008)
Pacifica Honeydew (PS1010)
Pacifica Ginger (PS1009)


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