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DVD by Adrienne Gaskell

This DVD covers the basics of using a marudai for making beaded braids. The format is specific to learning the 2-Drop Kongoh technique; the round braid that resembles a bead crochet rope. The focus is how to make beaded braids on a marudai; set-up, braiding and ending. With an overview of terminology, tools, supplies, and many of the authors innovative techniques. It is perfect for those new to making kumihimo beaded braids on the marudai, no previous experience using a disk is needed.  No specific projects are covered.

Video Length: 60 minutes

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4 reviews for Adrienne Gaskell – Learn Beaded Kumihimo on the Marudai

  1. Ellen

    This DVD was life changing for me. Thanks to Adrienne’s gracious recommendation, I ordered my Marudai from Braider’s Hand. . I then tried teaching myself with the aid of books and watching a few YouTube videos, but finally gave up. I never lost interest in learning this craft though and fortunately discovered this DVD. It is SO easy to follow and addresses many of the concerns I had. I especially love the idea of “training wheels” while I am learning. The overhead placement of the camera is AWESOME. Thank you to Adrienne and all those involved in creating this top-notch production. Ellen H

  2. Debbie Mutter

    Whether  you are new to Kumihimo or an experienced braider, there is something for everyone in Adrienne Gaskell’s videos, “Learn Beaded Kumihimo on the Marudai,” and “More Beaded Kumihimo on the Marudai.”  With Adrienne’s expertise, she takes a step by step approach to teaching how to appropriately use a marudai to create amazing braids. It can seem intimidating at times to use the marudai, yet Adrienne uses a welcoming style and takes the mystery right out of it.  Her lessons are also presented in a clear, logical, and understandable way.  It is honestly a real treat to watch this artist braid and be able to follow along the way.  Thanks Adrienne for creating such a wonderful resource.

  3. Beth Hardy

    I highly recommend Adrienne’s video. Whether you are new to the marudai or an experienced braider, this is a great addition to your kumihimo library. Easy and precise. Excellent photography: you can see those little details you are always wondering about. Adrienne share’s her innovative core, helper, that makes core braiding a breeze! Thanks Adrienne!
    Beth Hardy

  4. Barb Gores

    I was so impressed with your DVDs that I had to write a review. But, for anyone who doesn’t want to read the review then “Don’t Hesitate, Just Buy Them!”
    Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced braider, Adrienne Gaskell’s two new DVDs, “Learn Beaded Kumihimo on the Marudai”, and “More Beaded Kumihimo on the Marudai”, are invaluable tools for anyone interested in or already practicing kumihimo on a marudai. I have been working on my own marudai for over 3 years now and been very fortunate to have taken many classes from Adrienne during that time. I was quite surprised by how much information was packed into these and also by how much I learned (or relearned!) from both of these DVDs.
    In the first DVD, “Learn Beaded Kumihimo on the Marudai”, Adrienne reviews basic tools and supplies along with the quick and easy set-up of the marudai for braiding, including all of her tips and tricks that ensure your success from start to finish. In the second DVD, “More Beaded Kumihimo on the Marudai”, Adrienne goes into more detail regarding different techniques for braiding with beads including secrets of continuous beaded braids demonstrating four different patterns.
    Adrienne’s warm, patient and reassuring teaching style really shines on both DVDs. Her pacing is excellent – never too fast or overwhelming for the viewer, yet so packed with the exact tips and necessary information one needs to be successful in creating beaded braids on the marudai. Both DVDs are very professionally done in terms of excellent camera angles, lighting and clear audio, giving the viewer exactly the perspective they need from the point of braiding. Whether you are learning the marudai on your own or have the opportunity to learn from an instructor in person, these DVDs are an excellent preparation tool. Watching these DVDs is a pleasure and leaves you with the same confidence you feel when Adrienne is right beside you in her classes. These DVDs are the next best thing to having her there! 

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