Online Kumihimo Course Offered

Off-Balance Kongoh Gumi by Adrienne Gaskell Introductory Offer - Just $39 - Class size is limited Kongoh Gumi (Round Braid) is often the first braid students learn. This 12 tama adaptation of the braid creates a wonderful curly spiral. Adrienne’s variation incorporates sparkly bling along the ridge, perfect for fun


Origin Story – Gaskell & Shankey Jewelry

Once upon a time there were two jewelers - Maureen Shankey and Adrienne Gaskell.  They met nearly 20 years ago when Adrienne was stalking Maureen at a local art show - of course it was at an art show!  Maureen was the brainy professor with all the degrees, an MFA


Kumihimo Supplies, Kits & Inspiration

I have been searching the globe for quality products that every braider should have in their toolbox. Some of my favorites include: Cord Zap – New from Beadsmith, extra strong for heavier cords. The hottest Thread Zapper on the market! Cuts and cauterizes synthetic cords and threads.


Clean up Your Studio Workspace

I think of myself as fairly organized, even possibly a little O.C.D., and my amazingly small studio space, barely 10 x 12 feet, really makes it necessary to keep things neat.  But, wow, I’ve learned a lot from Pinterest about how to make the most out of the space you

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