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Disk Stand Hack

Octo Plate Demystified Video

Japanese Fibers – How to Start a Braid

Using Gemstones in Kumihimo

Unusual Tools & Hacks

Beaded Kongoh Gumi (Round Braid)

Quick & Easy Ending – Beaded Braids

Leaders – Why, When & How?

Japanese Braiding – Art of Kumihimo

Braid Documentation & Downloadable Forms

Braiding Around a Core – Disk or Marudai

How to Make a Core Gizmo™

Two Part Epoxy – How to Securely Glue on Clasps

Mastering the Bead Spinner

Left Hand – Attach Tama Beaded Braids

Right Hand – Attach Tama Beaded Braids

Preparing Warp Cords for Beaded Braids