How to Make a Core Gizmo™

WHAT IS A CORE GIZMO™? This handy tool is one of my favorite inventions! My husband, Carl, makes these for my students when I teach in-person classes. They are really useful for braiding on a marudai when there is no way to hang the the core overhead. If you are not lucky enough to have received one of Carl’s Core Gizmos™ here are instructions for making your own Core Gizmo®. Cut a 12 in. to 18 in. (30 – 45 cm) piece of wire. Wrap one end of the wire around a dowel or mandrel to make a double wrapped loop. I recommend using 20 or 22 gauge stainless steel wire as the diameter will be thin enough not to impact the diameter of the braid.  f using copper I recommend 18 gauge otherwise it will not be sturdy enough to stand up on its own. BRAIDING WITH THE CORE GIZMO™ Insert the straight end of the Core Gizmo™ into the point of braiding so that about 2 to 3 in. (5 to 7.5 cm) of the end is below the mirror. Tape the end to the counter weight so that the Core Gizmo™ is upright as shown in photo. Bring the core up to the top of the Core Gizmo™ and thread it through the loop on the end of the Core Gizmo™.  It may need to be looped through a couple of times to keep the core out of the way. Start braiding. Once there is about two inches (5 cm) of braid remove the tape that is holding the Core Gizmo™ to the counter weight. The braid should now be able to support the Core Gizmo™ so that it will stand upright on its own. As the braid length progresses periodically pull up the Gizmo. There should not be more than about two inches (5 cm) of the Core Gizmo™ inside the braid. If the core gets too short during braiding tie another piece of core to the end to add enough working length so that it can be threaded through the loop. Also, when the core gets short you can add a piece of tape to the end to keep it from slipping out of the wire loop. When near the end of the braid a short core can be taped to the Core Gizmo™. NOTE:  The Core Gizmo™ will make the unbeaded braid nub fatter than if it is not used. This may be important depending on the clasp that will be used for the braid. Before starting the braid, determine the inside diameter of the clasp. Once the if unbeaded nub is braided, check to be sure it will fit in the clasp. If not, braid the unbeaded nub without using the Core Gizmo™….

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