Techniques & Tips

Using Gemstones in Kumihimo

Gemstone beads elevate your beaded kumihimo designs to the realm of sophisticated jewelry. However, it can also be difficult to use gemstones in braids. Large center drilled beads in general pose a lo...

Beaded Kongoh Gumi (Round Braid)

MARUDAI Step 1: The two cords and move them at the same time – your hands move simultaneously. The cords will go directly over the top of the mirror passing parallel to one another. Pick up the ...

Quick & Easy Ending – Beaded Braids

Use this method when braiding with CLon or SLon.

Color for Dummies & Design Tips

Recording from Kumihimo Wednesdays April 07, 2021. Learn easy techniques for incorporating color into your jewelry designs.

Leaders – Why, When & How?

Video from the March 3, 2021 Kumihimo Wednesdays with Adrienne

Japanese Braiding – Art of Kumihimo

Kumihimo Wednesdays Book Review Video Link During the January 13, 2021 Kumihimo Wednesdays with Adrienne three essential kumihimo books were reviewed.  One of them was Jacqui Carey’s popular boo...

Braid Documentation & Downloadable Forms

Simple Documentation Whether or not you intend to replicate the braid you are making, keeping notes can help you plan another similar project in the future. There are many ways to document a braid as ...

Braiding Around a Core – Disk or Marudai

Reprint from Bead & Button Magazine, April 2017 Updated January 2021 Cores are often used to prevent a beaded braid from collapsing. A braid may collapse when braiding with larger than size 8º see...

How to Make a Core Gizmo™

WHAT IS A CORE GIZMO™? This handy tool is one of my favorite inventions! My husband, Carl, makes these for my students when I teach in-person classes. They are really useful for braiding on a marudai ...

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