Art Jewelry is Not for Everyone

It's for those who dare to be different

Adrienne Gaskell’s art jewelry is elegant and sophisticated yet unique and edgy.  Her kumihimo designs stand out from the crowd with the addition of pearls, gemstones and custom focal pieces designed under the Gaskell Shankey Jewelry brand.  In addition to purchasing ready to wear jewelry, you can learn how to make your own contemporary designs from Adrienne’s expert tutorials and online classes.  See what is currently available.


Organize and Get Creative

I think of myself as fairly organized, even possibly a little O.C.D., but, wow, I’ve learned a lot from social media about how to make the most out of the space...

Naiki-Gaeshi Disk Class Recording Available

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Naiki-Gaeshi Marudai Class Recording Available

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Kumi-U Club

$20 Monthly – All Access Pass Includes:


Weekly live Zoom sessions (that’s four a month) with Adrienne and special guests.


Early registration for Kumi-U Classes with limited seating.


Access to Kumihimo Wednesdays recordings, never miss a meeting.


First option of Adrienne Gaskell Art Jewelry kits.