Mastering the Bead Spinner

  The bead spinner is an essential tool for loading beads on warp cords when making kumihimo beaded braids. It is a big time saver when stringing beads and is especially important for the long bead strands needed for making braids that use beads as fiber (continuous beaded braids). In addition to the bead spinner you will need a bead spinner needle.  These come in different shapes and sizes.  The one I use most often is the Beadalon short big-eye curved bead spinner needle.  It can be used with 8º, 11º, and most 15º beads.  I also have had good success with spinning crystals and some of the unusual Czech shaped beads.  Although pearls and gemstones generally need to be strung by hand as they have such small holes. For 11º, 15º and beads with smaller holes you may need to use a leader thread in the needle.  This will make the place where the beads slide over the needle more narrow.  If the bead cord is threaded directly through the needle then the point where the thread is doubled at the base of the needle is very fat and makes it difficult to slide small beads over the end of the needle. Making a Leader Thread Thread a thin piece of thread through the eye of the needle. Gather the thread ends together and tie an overhand knot. Make the knot tight and small so the beads can easily slide over it. Keep some beads on the warp cord where it is double this will help to keep the warp cord from slipping out of the leader. Keep the knot to the side, out of the way of the warp cord. The base of the needle is the fattest and most difficult place for the beads to slide over the needle, if the knot is at the base it will make that area even fatter. Link to video…

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