Boot Camp – Edo Yatsu to Oimatsu & Beyond

Join Adrienne for her first in-depth virtual marudai course exploring multiple braid structures within the Edo yatsu family of braids. The lesson plans start with the basic 8-strand Edo yatsu braid and progress in difficulty with each introduction of a new braid throughout the sessions. Each braid will build on previous structures giving students a better understanding of the intricacies of the different variations. Students will learn the fundamentals of hand movements, color placement and the repetition of sequences.

Module 1 Materials, Supplies, Required Equipment and Course Prerequisites
Unit 1 Course Prerequisites
Unit 2 Materials & Supplies
Unit 3 Braiding Equipment
Module 2 Session 1 - Edo Yatsu
Unit 1 Materials, Supplies & Equipment Review
Unit 2 Edo-yatsu
Unit 3 Kawari Edo yatsu I
Unit 4 Yatsu-Oimatsu
Unit 5 Tsuri-ito-Edo-yatsu
Unit 6 Tsuri-ito-kawari-Edo-yatsu
Unit 7 Kawari Edo yatsu 2
Unit 8 Zoom Class August 29th, 2020
Unit 9 Student Braid Samples - Edo Yatsu
Unit 10 Q&A Edo-Yatsu
Module 3 Session 2 - Introduction to Oimatsu
Unit 1 Oimatsu Basics
Unit 2 Oimatsu Color Set-ups
Unit 3 Braiding with Alternative Materials
Unit 4 Beaded Cords with Fiber Cords
Unit 5 Designing and Repetitions
Unit 6 Add or Reduce Fiber
Unit 7 Student Braid Samples - Oimatsu
Unit 8 Q&A Oimatsu
Module 4 Session 3 - Designing Braids
Unit 1 Ishidatami
Unit 2 Kagome-gumi
Unit 3 Infinite Variations
Unit 4 Student Braid Samples
Unit 5 Q & A Designing Braids
Module 5 Course Review with Q&A - General Kumihimo Questions
Unit 1 Fiber Tips and Q&A
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