Twisted Chains Necklace

Module 1 June 21st - 1st Session - Instructions & Braiding
Unit 1 Instructions & Zoom Class Link  
Unit 2 Pre-Class Prep  
Unit 3 Setting up to Braid with Japanese Fibers  
Unit 4 Making a Knot at the end of the Fiber  
Unit 5 Attaching Fiber to Chopstick Video  
Unit 6 How to Make and Use Leaders  
Unit 7 Braiding With Rotation Video  
Unit 8 Braiding without Rotation Video  
Unit 9 Tightening POB Update  
Unit 10 Lengthening Tama  
Unit 11 June 21st Zoom Recording  
Module 2 June 28th - 2nd Session - Finishing & Alternate Patterns
Unit 1 Finishing and Binding  
Unit 2 Twisted Chains Alternate Patterns  
Unit 3 June 28th Zoom recording  
Unit 4 Student Photos  
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