Crescent Fringe Collar

This project was featured in Bead & Button Magazine February, 2017. You will learn a technique for using 2-hole beads in a beaded kongoh braid and how to use the second hole to add embellishments to the necklace. This updated version of the instructions has one of Adrienne’s Kumi Q&A articles:  What cords to use with gemstones and pearls. Pre-requisites: • Experience setting up and braiding a beaded Kongoh gumi (round braid) on the round disk or marudai • Bead counting, accuracy is critical. • Using two part epoxy glue, link to tutorial Student Q&A Q: My Crescents are free spinning and not laying flat. A: Yes, they are free spinning but once you put the necklace on to wear it check to see any of them need to be repositioned. When they are not up against your body they have more freedom to spin around.   ….

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