Wednesday January 13 - Book Review

Kumihimo Book Review Learn about four important books that should be part of every kumista’s library. Learn why these books are considered to be such valuable resources. Special guests include two authors, Giovanna Imperia and Makiko Tada as well as Carolyn Haushalter, AKS study group leader for the Art of Kumihimo, and Carol Benner, host of the Octo-Plate & Square Plate Zoom meetings. Zoom account required to attend Kumihimo Wednesdays with Adrienne. Books to be reviewed: 1. Kumihimo Wire Jewelry by Giovanna Imperia 2. CTBI: Maru-dai braids by Makiko Tada 3. Japanese Braiding, the Art of Kumihimo by Jacqui Carey 4. CTBVI: Kumihimo Disk & Plate by Makiko Tada Books available at shop  …

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