50-year Works of Makiko Tada


In 2021 Makiko Tada held an exhibition of her work in Japan celebrating her 50 years of braiding. This is the catalogue, 50-Year Works of Makiko Tada in the 2500-year History of Kumihimo.

The catalog covers the history of Andean braids along with photos of Andean braids that Makiko has collected as well as some she made using traditional Japanese braiding equipment: marudai, takadai, and ayatakedai.

The information on Makiko’s reconstruction of ancient traditional braids is fascinating. But the real treat is a gallery of photos featuring her new innovative braids made on the disk and plate. Even though this book is written entirely in Japanese the many full color photos adequately tell her story.

In addition to many inspiring photos Makiko included the instructions for one of her new braids, Tsuno-Kaku-Yatuse 2 (Horn Square Yatsu-Se 2).

Published in Japan, by Texte Inc.
Soft cover, full color, 68 pages

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ISBN 97849225252355


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