Bead Spinner – Beadalon


Hand crafted of hard wood this is an absolute must have tool for making beaded braids!

The Beadalon Spin-N-Bead Junior spinner has all of the winning characteristics that I feel makes them the best choice when purchasing a bead spinner.
1.  Small bowl, less beads are needed. The bowl needs to be about 1/3 full to work well so the larger the bowl, the more beads that are needed.  Larger bead spinners will require at least two or three tubes of beads to work properly.
2.  Affordability, these are one of the least expensive wood spinners on the market, a great value!
3. Short metal shank.  Some of the expensive spinners (larger with nicer wood) have a longer shank making it clumsy to remove beads after use.

Compatible with the Quick Change Trays.

Made in India.

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