Kumihimo Octo Plate by Makiko Tada


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The newest braiding tool by Makiko Tada.  The Octo Plate was designed to make braided flowers, 3D forms and wide braids.  It uses some of the same patterns that Makiko designed for the Square Plate.  The main difference is that the Octo Plate is wider and has a longer center hole.  The Octo Place has 20 more slots than the square plate, 22 on the top, 22 on the bottom and 4 on each side.  Allowing braiders to expand the number of threads used for the designs in Makiko’s Disk & Plate books.

CTB VI: Kumihimo Disk & Plate and CTB VII: Kumihimo Disk & Plate 2 are the perfect companions for the Octo Plate.  The structures that are in these books can be easily expanded for use with the Octo Plate.

Made in Japan it is 5 3/16” x 7 ½” (133 mm x 190 mm). They are made of the highest standards by the Hamanaka Company in Japan and  foam is 1/3 thicker than their Disk and Plate.


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