MORE Beaded Kumihimo on the Marudai



Learn Kumihimo Beaded Ropes

Now that you have learned how to make beaded braids on a marudai, Adrienne’s second video course will introduce you to the method of using long strands of beads in place of fiber (a.k.a. Continuous Beaded Braids). Adrienne Gaskell takes the mystery out of this technique while introducing several basic kumihimo braid structures. Enjoy Adrienne’s friendly teaching style and innovative approach in this easy-to-follow video course.

Great Price: 50% off the original list price, 75% off for Kumi-U members.

Some of the highlights:

  • Tools & supplies you’ll need
  • How to use a bead spinner
  • Sure fire set-up methods
  • Adrienne’s ‘magic’ cord measuring formula

This is a must have course for anyone who wants to learn how to quickly make elegant beaded kumihimo rope braids on the marudai. Discover how fast and easy kumihimo can be with the right tools and methods, and enjoy a lifetime of endless jewelry-making possibilities.

After purchase, students will receive a link to downloadable PDFs of the kumihimo braid structure diagram that are demonstrated on the video.

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Suggested prerequisite: Learn Beaded Braids on the Marudai – the video course that introduces beaded braids using the kongoh gumi (round braid) on the marudai.