Needle – Speedle Needle™


The Speedle Needle is the quick and efficient way to string beads in a minimal amount of time. These needles are ideal when you need to thread multiple beads. These twisted wire needles feature a collapsible eye and a barbed end. A great tool for threading 15/0 and 11/0 seed beads onto thread especially if they’re in a narrow tube.

How to use: To load beads onto your thread, knot one end of the thread and pass the other through the collapsible eye of the needle, then push the barbed end in and out of the container of beads repeatedly, pausing occasionally to push the beads over the eye and down onto your thread.  Once the first set of beads have been threaded over the eye, it will collapse and hold onto the thread quite nicely. Because of this, twisted wire needles are great for threading larger materials like ribbon, silk and yarn. However, it is suggested that you keep the length of your stringing material a bit longer at the end, as it is difficult to re-thread after the eye has collapsed.

Use with nylon, silk and Kevlar thread, monofilament or elastic cord. For this tool to be effective, there is a functional sharp edge. Please use with caution.

Two Speedle Needles per package.

Total Length: 3 inches (76mm), needle has a large round eye at the end, making it very easy to thread.

Country of origin: Japan



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