Oval Mini Dots – Ant. Silver


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Material: Pewter plated with 99.9% brass. Free of lead, nickel, cadmium. Hypoallergenic. There are other clasps that look the same but are lessor quality and do not have secure magnets. You get what you pay for.

This is a very popular clasp. Customers say this looks like a very expensive John Hardy piece, they love the slim profile and ease of use. The curve of the clasp follows the curve of the wrist and creates a more secure closure. It has a very strong magnet and a brilliant finish. When closed, the protruding tab is flush with the top surface of the clasp

2-Part Epoxy glue is recommended for beaded braids as it is the only glue that forms a secure, permanent bond.  Only cord ends are usually inserted into clasp, not beads. Instructions included.

Size:  22 mm x 6 mm
Hole Size:  10 mm x 5 mm

Origin: European Union