The Next Level – Black & White


This bracelet achieves dimensional impact by stacking and then joining three separate braids together. The two base (bottom) braids support the third (top) braid which sits majestically on a higher level.

The exclusive striped mini UnicorneBeads teardrops are back in stock – but in limited supply, so hurry and get your kit before they are gone. All supplies are included in the kit to make the bracelet as shown.

  • Toho 8º beads
  • mini teardrop beads, two colors, black with white stripes & white with black stripes
  • CzechMate 2 Hole Bars
  • CzechMate 2-hole Lentils
  • S-Lon/C-Lon Bead Cord Tex 210 (#18)
  • Triple Magnet Clasp

Additional Supplies needed to complete project:

  • Marudai, 8 tama, & 25% counterweight – or – Kumihimo disk & 8 bobbins, counterweight optional
  • 4 ft. (1.25m) 10lb. Fireline®, Wildfire®, or similar thread
  • #10, #11 or #12 Beading needle
  • FrayCheck, white glue or similar product (for stiffening cord ends)
  • 2-part epoxy glue for gluing the braid into the clasp

Technique:  Kumihimo Beaded Braid

Skills:  Proficiency with Drop Bead Kongoh and bead counting

Level of Experience:  Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

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