Exploring the Oimatsu Braid

An in-depth study of the infinite design possibilities of the Oimatsu braid on the marudai. Students will learn basic through advanced techniques that cover the intersecting relationships of the Edo Yatsu, Oimatsu, Ishidatami, Kagome Gumi and Oimatsu Embellished with Pearls. Student will direct their course of study based on their level of experience. The class will explore color arrangements using their choice of materials. The instructor will demonstrate how the open stitches of these braids allows its use in fiber applications outside of jewelry making such as straps for bags and purses, edging or binding, basketry and artistic expression.

Skill level: Students should have

Kit from $45 – $65
Kit contents: Students will choose from a selection of Japanese kumihimo silk, metallic fibers, leather and other braiding materials.

Student supplies to bring to class: Tape measure, and scissors

Student equipment to bring to class: Marudai*, 8 weighted tama, 50% counter weight, and chopstick.
*Marudai equipment will available for loan from the instructor with advance notice.

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