Metamorphosis by Design

In this class, students will create a multi-braid textural necklace that integrates several structures within the same braid. Students will learn the rules along with techniques to flow from one design to another using similar and dissimilar braid structures. Students will also learn how to alternate a braid color layout. With these skills, students will gain new insight and make a braid that can be turned into a lovely piece of jewelry.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Prerequisites: Student should be proficient braiding and setting fiber braids on a marudai and braiding up to 16 tama braids.

Kit Cost: $40
Kit contains: Japanese precut silk, available in several colors, and glue-in magnetic clasp.

Student supplies to bring to class: Short ruler (6 to 8 in.) and measuring tape, marudai, 16 weighted tama with leaders, 40% counter weight and two chopsticks or double pointed knitting needles.

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