Intro to Kumihimo Fiber Braids

In this class students will learn the basic movements used to create kumihimo braids. Most people are surprised when they learn that there are just a few finite number of movements (interlacements) used in kumihimo. With each of the movements students will be introduced to new braid structures. Students will create a sampler braid.

Instruction will include how to read braid structure diagrams created by different authors so that students will be able to easily learn other structures from kumihimo books. Instructor will demonstrate how to use both the disk and the marudai. Instructor will have some marudai equipment available for students to try out during class.

Skill level: All levels, no kumihimo experience necessary!

Student kit: $15
Kit contents: Braiding fibers. Detailed, illustrated Instructions with diagrams for eight different braid structures including round, square, and flat braids.

Equipment: Students can use the equipment of their choice, either a round disk or a marudai.
Round foam disk 6 in., 32 slot, 8 plastic bobbins. (Instructor will have disk and bobbins available for purchase in class.)
Marudai, 8 weighted tama, 50% counter weight, and chopstick.

Supply for students to bring to class: Tape measure, and scissors

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