Baby Takadai™ – 2022 Version


Want to learn how to make 3D takadai braids? Giovanna Imperia is teaching a class April 2nd at the AKS Virtual Gathering, only $30 – more info and registration details.

The new 2022 Kumihimo Resource Baby Takadai™ has many improvements:
• A wider space for wrapping the braid. More than double the original at 1 7/8 in vs 7/8 in.
• Extra reinforcements making it very stable while working.
• 3D printed plastic koma, 10 instead of 6. The first and last pin on each koma are positioned at the very end of the koma so that there is no unusable space between koma. These small koma allow the koma to move in the rail; as the back koma becomes empty it is moved to the front, just like a full size takadai.
• Made of high quality maple ensuring a lifetime of use.
• Portable, quickly comes apart and packs flat making it a perfect travel companion. Although there are only two screws to hold it all together the clever engineering ensures stability while working.

The Baby Takadai™ is a tabletop version designed for making braids for small projects – especially great for jewelry designs. A great introduction to a full size takadai, however many braiders find it handy to own both pieces of equipment.

INCLUDED: 10 koma (6 pin), 5 fit on each side.

BOBBINS NOT INCLUDED: We recommend using weighted plastic bobbins with extra washers to increase their weight. 25 to 36 needed for most projects.
LINK to Weighted bobbins: 23 – 24 grams
Link to Bobbin Washers: 10 grams

SWORD NOT INCLUDED. Braiders told us that a sword is a very personal choice, so Giovanna Imperia provided a list of her recommendations. Ideally the sword should be about 10 to 15 in. (25 – 37.5cm) long. I’ve listed a few sources for weaving swords, a shed stick or pick up stick may also work. Try searching Etsy and Amazon for other sources, please let us know if you find something you like so that we can share.

USA: Wind Haven Fiber Tools Etsy (Currently out of stock and company taking a break.)

USA: Wiener Dog Ranch Amazon



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10.75 in. (26.875cm)

Height with Torii

11 in. (27.5cm)


8.5 in. (21.25cm)