Baby Takadai™ – 3D Koma (10)


3D printed high density plastic koma – 6 pin. Five fit on each of the side rails. These 3D koma will fit either the 2019 or 2022 version of the Baby Takadai™.

The first and last pin on each koma are positioned at the very end of the koma so that there is no unusable space between the koma. These small koma allow the koma to move in the rail; as the back koma becomes empty it is moved to the front, just like a full size takadai.

The 2019 version of the Baby Takadai™ was made with six koma, 9 pin each. These larger koma can be replaced with smaller koma to allow the kmoa to move in the rail the same as a full size koma. Reducing the need to manually reposition the threads.


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10.75 in. (26.875cm)

Height with Torii

11 in. (27.5cm)


8.5 in. (21.25cm)