New Bead Storage Containers

I have taken some of my at home time during COVID to do a lot of organizing and de-stashing. Its been a great lesson in what works and what doesn’t. During the process I’ve found a lot of new types of containers and systems that I really like. However, buying new stuff to store your things can be a big hit to the pocket book. So I was very happy that my bead storage system has stood the test of time and didn’t need to be replaced.

In my 25 years as a full time artist I have had three different studio setups. That doesn’t include the countless attempts at making each of them more functional. This was one of the first organizational systems I purchased and it has proved to be very versatile. As my bead stash increased over the years it was easy to add more boxes to the collection.

One of the things I love about these boxes is that when you store them so that they are standing on end you can easily see what is inside at a glance.

My husband Carl built this simple shelf from pre-painted board from Home Depot. It sits on top a short Ikea Billy shelf and holds 48 of the storage boxes. It is at the perfect height to see all the beads at a glance. Each box holds either 12 or 24 flip top tubes – so that’s a whole lot of beads! My lighting above the shelf needs to be connected. It is really important to use a true white light, like an Ott-Light, so that you can see the correct colors of the beads.

Earlier this month when I showed this system in my Kumi Wednesday Zoom meetings so many people also wanted to use this great system that I now sell it on my website. I think if you compare they are a great value. And I got a great price that I am passing on to my customers. Compare at $9.99 on Amazon.

Specs and link to container with 12 boxes $6.50

Specs and link to container with 24 boxes $6.50

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