Harlequin Beaded Necklace – Olive


The necklace kit includes everything to make the Harlequin Beaded Necklace as shown including the clasp. Available in four color ways; (1) Purple – the original color way, (2) Blue with black and silver, (3) Turquoise with bronze tones and spade beads and (4) Olive and bronze.

Experience Level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
Project is suitable for the marudai or the foam disk.
Technique:  8-strand kongoh beaded braid

Necklace length is approximately 17.5 in. (44 cm) but there are enough supplies for at least 20 in. (50 cm). It can be easily be made shorter.

Materials in Kit
• 8º seed beads, two colors
• SLon Bead Cord, Tex 210
• Top Hole Rounds 6mm, two colors
• English Cut beads 3mm
• Magnetic clasp

• Experienced setting up and braiding an 8-strand kongoh beaded braid (round braid) on either the disk or marudai
• Loading and accurately counting beads on cords for braiding
• Using two part epoxy to glue on a clasp, link to tutorial (other glue may be used if desired)

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