Tape measure

A tape measure is needed to measure fibers during set up and for measuring the braid during braiding. For this reason I recommend that you have a tape measure that can measure up to 3 ft. (1 m). This is a tool that most people will have in one form


Third Hand Tweezers

These really do give you the ability to have a 'third hand' while working. They feature self-locking tweezers, mounted on a weighted round base. Ball joints let you adjust the tweezer to multiple angles. I use them when setting up my CLon cords for beaded braids, as shown in my


Two Part Epoxy

This is the only glue that makes a permanent bond and it is the only glue recommended by professional jewelers. Two part epoxy forms a secure bond between the clasp and the braid even when there is a small amount of empty space in the clasp end. In other words,