A chopstick is needed when braiding on a marudai either with fiber or beaded braids. The chopstick is placed at the point of braiding (POB) whenever you are not braiding and especially when you take a break and leave the marudai unattended. Just about any type of chopstick can be


Cord Zapper

I highly recommend purchasing the extra strong 'Cord Zapper' from Beadsmith because, unlike the Thread Zappers that are on the market, it works well with heavy CLon and SLon cords. This is hottest Thread Zapper on the market and a must have in your kumihimo toolbox especially for beaded braids.


Counter Weight Strap

For many braids the counter weight (CW) is moved up the braid about every 4 to 6 in. (10 to 15 cm) of braiding. Whenever the CW is moved it is hung directly onto the braid. A CW strap is designed to distribute the weight over a portion of the


Counter Weights – Slotted

These are the best weights I have found to use for marudai counter weights (CW)!  The hook easily hangs from a CW strap or from a waxed linen loop at the start of the braid. When it is necessary to adjust the amount of CW during braiding this design allows