Cord Zapper

I highly recommend purchasing the extra strong ‘Cord Zapper’ from Beadsmith because, unlike the Thread Zappers that are on the market, it works well with heavy CLon and SLon cords. This is hottest Thread Zapper on the market and a must have in your kumihimo toolbox especially for beaded braids. The zapper cauterizes and seals synthetic cords and threads and prevents the ends from unraveling. I demonstrate what I call ‘quick and easy off the marudai’ in my classes which requires a cord zapper. It is recommended that you buy replacement tips when you purchase your Cord Zapper as if anything breaks it will be the tip.

How do you tell the difference between a heavy duty zapper and a thread zapper: The cord zapper is longer and uses two AA batteries. A thread zapper is shorter and uses only one AA battery.

Alternate to the cord zapper: Although this makes me more than a little nervous, a cigarette lighter or even a match can be used to singe the ends of synthetic cords. I have heard from students that they do this but I can only imagine my braid going up in flames!

Link to purchase Cord Zapper ($18.95) at

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