Painter’s Tape

Pa Po

I recommend Scotch Brand for multi surfaces in the 1 in. width. I find that the generic brands do not work as well, nor does the type for delicate surfaces (green). They just do not grip as well. Scotch Brand does cost more, however, one roll of tape will last you for years. This alone will justify buying the good one.

How it is used on the marudai:
Painter’s tape can be used directly on the marudai mirror as it will not leave a residue that can damage the wood. It is very useful to keep tension on cords and can be used to secure the chopstick/knitting needle to the underside of the marudai mirror.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use other types of tape as they can leave a sticky residue that will not be easily removed from the marudai wood. Also, as with anything that is ‘temporarily’ used on the surface of the marudai wood it should not be left in place for an extended period of time.

Masking Tape:
In the USA this is a completely different product than painter’s tape. However, when I was in the UK many years ago some of my students insisted that masking tape was the same. In an effort to clear up the confusion I went to a local hardware store to purchase Painter’s Tape. Well, guess what, no blue tape was to be found and the store clerk told me that masking tape was the same as painter’s tape. And sure enough, when I read the label it said that it could be used for painting as it would not leave a residue. So, at that time I concluded that possibly in other parts of the world there are different products than the ‘blue’ painter’s tape we use in the USA.

Other than the story about masking tape in the UK I would not recommend any other products for fear of damaging the surface of the marudai.

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