Bead Spinner Needles

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There are many options: long or short, rigid or flexible, big-eye or small eye. They all have their uses and usually the size of the hole in the beads will determine which size and type of needle is best suited for the job. For example, the long, rigid needles are great for size 8º and larger beads. They allow you to string long strands of beads very quickly. Whereas the shorter big-eye needle, which has a bit of flex is best for smaller 11º and 15º beads. Since the short big eye needle will also work with larger beads if you were only to have one this would be the one to choose.

Making a leader thread for a needle:
You will usually need to use a leader with your bead spinner needle as this will allow smaller beads to easily slip over the eye of the needle. Thread a thin piece of thread through the eye of the needle. Tie an overhand knot using both of the thread ends. Make the knot tight and small so the beads can easily slide over it. A single thread of kumihimo silk makes a very tiny knot, perfect for small beads (11º – 15º) to fit over. Keep the knot to the side, out of the way of the warp cord.  Keep some beads on the cord where it is double to keep the cord from slipping out of the leader.

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