Scissors – Chikamasa from Japan

Most people have scissors as part of their braiding supplies and really just about any size or brand of scissor will serve your needs. However, I am totally biased in my love of Japanese Chikamasa scissors. The Japanese are well known for making really great bladed objects – swords, knives, scissors – and I feel that these are the best scissors I have ever used. Chikamasa scissors are made of high-quality carbon steel and they have a fluorine coating which means if you cut tape with them and the blades will not get coated with the sticky residue from the tape. They have extremely sharp cutting edges and precise blades and come with a protective shield, keeping you and the blade safe when not in use. The handles of these small scissors are slightly larger, and wider, than most other small scissors, making them very comfortable to use.

Link to purchase Chikamasa scissors ($24.00) at


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