It is important to choose a hemostat clamp that has a smooth jaw (medical and some other hemostats have a serrated jaw which is not recommend to be used with fiber). The beauty of this small, inexpensive tool is that the jaws lock. This gives you more freedom while working as your hands are free from having to firmly grasp a pair of pliers or other tool.

There are many uses for hemostats so it is good to have a couple of them:
1. Use it to grab the braid end of a beaded braid when removing it from the marudai. From above the marudai grab all cords in the jaws just under the point of braiding, then lock the hemostat. The hemostat can be left in place while removing the tama and getting ready to secure the braid end.
2. It is useful for holding the braid nub when cutting and/or securing nylon (CLon or SLon) cord ends with a Cord Zapper.
3. It gives you another hand when you need to hold the braiding material in a certain place during preparation.

Link to purchase hemostat ($2.25) on KumihimoResource.com

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