Waxed Linen

Wa We

I use waxed linen for a few things but mainly when I am working with fiber braids. The wax on the linen gives it a ‘grab’ quality that holds it in place. These are a few of the uses for waxed linen:
1. To attach fibers to the knitting needle/chopstick when I first start the braid. I like a fairly thick waxed linen so that I can also use it to hang my counter weight.
2. Once the braid is finished, I secure the braid just below the point of braiding with a tight binding and knot using waxed linen. This keeps the braid tension secure when I remove the braid from the marudai and detach the tama.
3. When I shorten the braid length, or cut the braid into shorter sections as shown in the photo below, waxed linen can be tied to secure the braid where it will be cut. I apply FrayCheck between the pieces of waxed linen and let it dry for about an hour. Once the FrayCheck is dry the braid can be cut and the waxed linen removed.

If you have:
• Bees wax, candle wax, Thread Heaven or any similar product, you can coat any heavy cord* to give it the ‘grab’ quality of waxed linen.
*Heavy Cord: CLon or Slon Tex 400 or use Tex 210 doubled. Any other similar weight cord can be used.
• Any waxed cord can be used, it does not need to be linen.

Available at KumihimoResource.com in black or white.

Link to purchase 1 roll black waxed linen ($2.25) at KumihimoResource.com

Link to purchase 1 roll white waxed linen ($2.25) at KumihimoResource.com

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